The Youth are the fire of revival. The revival church, the future of the church is the Youth. 

“If you want to kill a forest, if I find you cutting down the big trees, I might laugh and walk away if you are cutting the big trees and you say you are trying to destroy this forest. But if I find you cutting down the young seedlings, the young trees, I will tremble. I will know that this man has finished this forest. … And so the enemy would have to attack the youth more vigorously, more violently to succeed. And that’s why what THE LORD is doing is the antidote; He’s going for the youth and establishing the antidote. He’s saying, “Not anymore now. Revival must continue. The future must come. You cannot destroy all.” – Prophet Dr Owuor

“… if not well managed, the youthful phase can actually be the most dangerous junction at which the lives of our young people can be totally destroyed. That is the reason why it is so crucial for the church to prominently step in at this stage in order to give a clear spiritual direction.”

“Most of what goes on in the Youth churches today demonstrates a complete departure from spiritual understanding, knowledge and wisdom. That is the reason why sexual sin, rap music, reggae music, rock music, drug addiction, alcoholism, pornography, immorality, dirty language, filthy dancing, name it, can persist among the Christian youth. It is also a reflection of the fall and misinformation that prevails among their Pastors. What today’s Youth pastors have not known, is that there is a vast difference between spiritual wisdom and the knowledge that they are imparting into the Youth… Todayʼs Youth need to understand that they may have knowledge about many things that actually have little bearing on spiritual life. Yet wisdom is largely concerned above all with the key issues of a spiritual Christian life. The Bible, the Word of GOD, can make us spiritually wise because while it contains most information about creation, its primary emphasis is on understanding and knowing the nature of our Creator. What the youth church has not grasped today, is that it is the knowledge of the nature of our Creator that will navigate us towards His requirements upon our lives. Moreover, while the Bible gives us some insight into life in the ancient world, its main purpose is to prepare us for eternal life with GOD Almighty.”

Guided by these principles, our Youth Ministry is structured to strengthen the Youth in their walk with GOD. The Youth are heartily involved in activities such as fellowships, worship, evangelism, and camp retreats where they are taught treasured spiritual principles and disciplines that assist them to live for eternity.