Sunday School

Toddler to 7 years

The kid’s ministry age ranges from toddler to 7 years. Our Sunday School allows children to learn scripture and to participate in worship.

Girlz4GOD & Blameless Boys

8 to 16 years

Our Girlz4GOD and Blameless Boys ministries, age ranges from 8 to 16 years. We’re all about empowering, equipping and educating boys/girls to live lives of righteousness.

We believe that our children have been given to us, that we might give them back to THE LORD. However, as parents, we are in a constant battle against evil/ungodly influences (schools, friends, social media, television etc.) for the hearts and souls of our children.

Our Children’s ministry support boys/girls who want to live lives of righteousness, and to show them that they are not alone as they walk with GOD, and to provide them with everything they need to journey on the “Narrow Way”.

We also provide parents with an additional tool to rescue, educate and inform their boys/girls, and equip them for lives of holiness.

Our Children’s ministry provides school holiday retreats, to give young boys/girls an opportunity to come together, to discuss some of the issues, and challenges they face, and redirect them to the “Narrow Way” in a godly environment.

We also have a “Big Sister Program” and “Big Brother Program”, pairing young girls/boys, with older girls/boys that they can trust to walk with them as they navigate the difficulties of life. Our Big Sister Program and Big Brother Program pairs the younger girls/boys in the Ministry, with young men/women who are mature in their walk with GOD, and can provide godly advice to the young boys/girls as they need it.

We know that meeting the physical needs of young boys/girls, is just as important and meeting their spiritual needs. As such, we have a program that allows young boys/girls to request support as needed.