Guiding Principles

We live how we live and do what we do because we believe that:

  • The FATHER’s great love for us is worthy of our ultimate response.
  • Enjoying the Great Commission (life of obedience to GOD [implied] and ministry) is the appropriate evidence of the ultimate response to the love of the FATHER (Jn 4:34).
  • Everyone deserves to hear the Gospel.
  • Every Christian can be transformed by the HOLY SPIRIT to enjoy the Great Commission.
  • The Scriptures are our only source of mandate and principles.
  • Each member must know that they are empowered and equipped by the HOLY SPIRIT for the Great Commission in their sphere of ‘influence’ – locality, family, friends, etc.


A minimum goal for each member will be to:

  • Be baptised in the HOLY SPIRIT.
  • Know how to be in tune with and be led by the HOLY SPIRIT (Rom 8:14).
  • Live by faith and obedience to the Word of GOD.
  • Live for eternity not for this world.
  • Share the Gospel consistently, simply, opportunistically, faithfully, effectively and expectantly.
  • Not covert the things of this world.
  • Willing to lay down their lives for eternal life in CHRIST.
  • Be bold and faithful in the face of persecution and suffering.