Who We Are

Messianic Ministries Inc is part of the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness, which is spearheaded by Prophet Dr David Owuor. The Ministry of Repentance and Holiness is a huge global Ministry covering six continents, including Australia and New Zealand.


  • To Evangelise the Gospel of our LORD JESUS CHRIST with the intention of winning Souls for the Kingdom of GOD.
  • To make disciples/believers of all people who shall believe in Jesus Christ through the gospel of the Kingdom of GOD.
  • To nurture the spiritual lives of its members.
  • To teach, disciple and prepare its members to evangelize the gospel of the Kingdom of GOD.
  • To accord its members an opportunity to make a personal commitment to an uncompromising Holy Christian living, to uphold high family moral values, acceptable community moral values, personal moral values, dedicated to good discipline and to inculcate good law-abiding citizens.
  • To encourage and emphasise its members to be involved in mission work in their callings and ministries as GOD may call them.
    To initiate and support community development programmes, projects and relief efforts as may be required, aimed at benefiting the community and the society at large.
  • To have communion, fellowship, partnership, contacts and correspondences with other Christian organizations, institutions of common doctrines, values, goals and faith for fellowship and practice.

Ministry of Repentance and Holiness Australia (Messianic Ministries Inc) is a Ministry focused on preparing believers in CHRIST JESUS for eternity and is committed to the gospel of JESUS CHRIST reaching the South Pacific region.

  • We teach the pure, undiluted Word (full counsel) of GOD.
  • We herald the approaching day of Rapture with a call to repentance & righteousness.
  • We teach the full gospel of the kingdom, with special emphasis on preparing for the coming of CHRIST JESUS, including: what is at stake, why we must repent, what it means to repent, how to repent, and how to walk in the righteousness of CHRIST that we have received as Christians.
  • In preparing ourselves for the Rapture we also avail ourselves to the LORD for the end time harvest into the Kingdom of CHRIST.

We have branches across Australia (Adelaide, Ballarat, Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne, Morwell, Perth, Sydney, Toowoomba), where we meet for Services.

You can visit an altar near you and fellowship with us!  When you fellowship with us:

  • You will be fed with knowledge and understanding to help you prepare for eternity with GOD.
  • You will be helped to know what the Bible definition of a Christian or a born-again person is.
  • You will be supported and encouraged to develop your gifts and talents to offer acceptable service to the LORD.
  • You will be joining a family focused on spending eternity with GOD.