Bible Study

In Rev 19:6-9 we learn about a very important event that will take place in Heaven. That event is the fulfilment of GOD’s ultimate plan for human beings. In a way it is the time that the Church of CHRIST will be joined to Divinity in what the Bible describes as The Marriage of The LAMB. Elsewhere, the Bible says that that is the hidden prophecy of the institution of marriage (Eph 5:32). This event starts on the day the Church of CHRIST is raptured into the Kingdom of Heaven. Only those who are raptured will be part of the Marriage of the LAMB. Therefore the Rapture of the Church is an important event that all Christians should make it our aim to be part of. 

Another reason why the Rapture is important to Christians is that it also starts the period of tribulation on the earth when GOD will pour His wrath upon the earth. The tribulation is a time of great trouble on the earth when the devil will have the last chance to get as many people as possible into hell. So while there is celebration in Heaven after the Rapture, there will be tribulation on earth. We must therefore do whatever it takes to make it into the Rapture.

The series of Bible Study focuses on the requirement for entry into the Kingdom of GOD through the Rapture and the power that GOD has given to us to prepare ourselves for the Rapture.

We share your passion for prioritising Heaven, and are here to help you. You can connect by joining a Bible Study group at the Altar closest to you.